Welcome to Bait Jeddi

With We Empower --- You Succeed we proceed to make a difference, from our humble beginnings in the 1950s we created the steppingstone for our enduring success. 70 years later, in 2020, we still proceed on the same teachings of our founding members, namely that Our most important objective is our dedication to you, our customer.


Our goal at Bait Jeddi remains to Turn your dreams into reality by ensuring that we are true to being considered as the region’s best choice of natural stone, granite, marble and a variety of ceramics, tiles and slabs. We do it through our unique selection in both scope and quality. Besides being the sole partner and provider of the exceptional Algerian Marble and granite, we, also, provide you, through our 3 factories in Jordan and Algeria and sourcing from premium factories from around the world, with a wide array of building and construction materials as diverse and unique as our unique clients themselves.  To enhance the uniqueness and scope of our delivery we integrate décor, decorations and sculpting work into the final product, as per client request.


At Bait Jeddi we believe that the right selection can shape the look and feel of any space, interior or exterior. As an established provider working with top-notch contractors, our joint goal is to consistently offer our customers the highest quality of material, workmanship, competitive prices and impeccable service, thus, being true to our emblem: We Empower … You Succeed.


Best Regards

Mohammad Odah

General Manager & Owner