Meet Bait Jeddi

The choice of the name Bait Jeddi, which means my grandfather’s house, was the best embodiment of our heritage, deep rooted pride, professionalism, genuineness and originality.  The nature of our business is an inherited demand for a basic need. Where we differ, is in how we translate this need into a unique reality. Inspired by our name and empowered by our special flavor of teamwork with the contractor, engineer, architect, as well as client, we end up always supplying and innovating while allowing you to create and enjoy. 

We sought it necessary, in order to deliver end-to-end building and finishing products and to ensure the quality of your project, that a teamwork policy has to be strongly enforced in all our business interactions. Meaning that, as a group, besides supplying the best-in-class materials and finished products, from stone, to marble, or ceramics, tiles to granite, as well as equipment, we work hand-in-hand with our sister companies and all the stakeholders to ensure that the quality is translated into an exquisite artwork.  With this said and accomplished, we have established a unique, creative and imaginative methodology of execution. 

From the past we are paving the way to a bright future. Together with our partners we guarantee that you will get the authenticity, durability and originality of the past together with the luxury, mobility, contemporality and sublimity of modern lifestyles.

Why Us

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Proven Heritage
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What distinguishes us in National, as well as MENA and GCC markets and what gives us a competitive edge and a comparative advantage, is the manner, in which we always put our customers’ needs and expectations, ahead of ours.

About us

Bait Jeddi was established in 2011, after a long journey initiated all the way back in 1952, when my grandfather Mr. Ali Ismael Hasan Odeh started working on multiple projects in Jordan. Among which were King Hussein Medical City, King Hussein Sports City, Raghadan Palaces and the Arab Bank – Downtown. Since the 1960s till the 1980s, Mr. Ali was the prime outsource for all materials relating to stone, marble, granite, tiles and ceramics for the above projects as well as others.  

At that time, Mr. Ali and his son became the pioneers of prism work. My father, Mr. Majid Ali Ismail Odeh, continued the journey as a sole supplier of all kinds of stones with a special focus on stone-cutting and making it ready for installation to King Hussein Medical City, Raghadan Palaces, King Hussein Sports City, and the Arab Bank.  To reiterate, all work done was an example of perfect teamwork between the Outsource & Supplier: Bait Jeddi and between the Contractors & Installers: Shaheen company and Tarmak and Shaheen company who were the companies that completed all the installation services of the already cut-stones.

Our Sources

Over the years, with the advent of technology and integrating it into our business model, the number of employees changed due to the transformation of Bait Jeddi from a resource-intensive operation to a technology-intensive one, resulting in presently employing 17 employees in its 2 factories in Jordan.

Empowered with our experience, expertise, technology and national factories, we provide our loyal customer base in Jordan, MENA and the GCC regions with a wide variety of products that both meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

We provide our clients with stone, marble, ceramics, granite from our factories in Jordan, namely:  Al-Baqaa Stone Factory, which specializes in cutting and supplying stones for external facades, as well as Sweileh Factory for Marble and Granite Stearate.

Moreover, stone is imported from Jordan and Palestine from Shtafina (Ajloun) and Hebron. In addition to high-end top-notch international and regional providers of granite stearate from Turkey, India, Brazil, Greece, Spain, Algeria, Tunisia, Portugal, China, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Pakistan.